Window Valances May Be the Missing Piece to Your Window Covering Puzzle


By Kelly Vanderwalter

It is not uncommon for homeowners to spend literally thousands of dollars on window treatments and then step back to survey the finished product and feel that something is still missing. In this event, there is no need to despair. Don’t start wandering down the road of regret. The missing window covering element may just be in the form of window valances.

Since there are a number of different styles of window valances, you can accent and complement any window regardless of a particular room’s décor or design theme. Match or contrast with current window coverings to bring to your home the final piece of the window puzzle.

2 Different Styles of Valances
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And you need not worry about what your current window coverings are – shutters, blinds, curtains, etc. – valances will accentuate whatever is there. Whether you add ascot valances, balloon valances, scarf valances, or any other type, you’ll find that these additions will provide that missing decorative touch and allow you to reflect in contentment over your entire window treatment ensemble.

In fact, after a detailed assessment of what is lacking, you may decide to use different styles of valances in many of your rooms. You may opt for balloon valances for use in your formal dining room. Let’s say that your furnishings are antique or recall an era of the distant past, valances that add to that classic elegance are just what the interior decorator ordered.

Many people who have gone the route of blinds, shades and shutters are generally quite happy with the form and function of their choice of window covering. However, a room full of shutters can create a look of starkness that calls out for some kind of softening or transitional element. This is where window valances come in to play in ideal fashion.

Since your blinds will effectively block out light or allow it in as you see fit, there is no need for an additional window cover. The missing decorative piece can be found in the form of swag valances. Add a splash of color to any room with these window valances. The fabric of your choice draped on either end of an easy to install curtain rod will make all the difference in the world. Play with colors and textures until your are satisfied that you have made a wise choice.

Let your decorating imagination run wild. And you will likely be able to do most of it all yourself. Many fabric stores and department stores are catering more and more to the DIY interior decorator. You’ll find easy to install window valance kits at a host of locations. Easy to follow instructions and a few basic tools are all you need to complement your existing treatments.

So don’t sit back with dissatisfaction while gazing at your investment in designer window coverings. Take the final step yourself and get window valances for each and every room.

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