Modern Decorative Curtain Rods


Decorative curtain rods come in numerous flavors including double, wrought iron, wooden, replacement, magnetic, nautical, tension and swing arm. Each of these options of rods are useful in a area based on the interior design of the area and the window being hung around. However, just because these are rods does not mean they have to only be hung around a window.

Many stores have inexpensive costs and offer ideas on decorative curtain rods usage. On a wall in the home wherever there is no ornamentation but the wall is unadorned, simply hang adorning curtain rods with drapes and a window box for a unique appearance no one else has. These types of choices can be found throughout many home improvement} suppliers in the decorating department by simply looking at the window treatments hung therein. Many hardware retailers will also carry recommendations for custom dealers in the area if you are not able to locate anything that you are fond of in their establishment.

Florid curtain rods can also be found at bountiful discount stores in numerous flavors. For those that wish to obtain a set of sheers and a set of drapes both on the same window, doubles are an idealistic way to accomplish this. Simply hang the sheers on the lower or rear set of the doubles and the drapes on the outer or front rod. This will allow for more than one set of draperies to be located on the same window.

When looking for color schemes for your window treatment ideas, it is best to take into consideration the entire decor of the room. If your area for example is white with blue accents, you could buy double curtain rods and place a set of white sheers with blue drapes over the top for a more uniform appearance. However, if you are trying to create an area for the eyes to be drawn, offset the colors of the decor with juxtaposing colors. For a white room look at the interior design and find the most prevalent color. If that color is red, you should use blue window treatments to help create this look. For a black area always use white or shades of whites such as ecru and egg shell to create this appearance. For rooms that are blue in color, reds or greens will help to bring a look together. For a area that has no furniture and fresh paint, think about the furniture that will be placed in the area and use this color as a guide. Hues of all colors for juxtaposing can be used. For example if you have a red area you can use pinks of the same deep or light hue to match the room well.

There are bountiful colors available for decorative curtain rods including black, silver tone, gold tone, grays and faux wood as well as bamboo and even wood accents. Wrought iron is the most attractive among those looking to add a small courtly touch to a area.