Materials To Choose When Selecting House Shutters


By Steve Grainger

Most shutters, both interior and exterior, are made to look like they are wooden. Wood shutters are the most popular type of house shutters because the wooden appearance looks great. Unfortunately, especially on the outside of a house where the shutters are exposed to the elements, the wood deteriorates and the shutters are difficult to maintain.

As a result, you might want to invest in faux wooden shutters for your window exteriors. Due to advances in manufacturing, you can get faux wooden shutters that look just like real wood, so you wouldn’t be sacrificing in aesthetic; however, they would be a lot more durable and less susceptible to precipitation that can otherwise damage wood shutters and blinds, which makes them perfect for most homes.

You can even get faux wood shutters for far less money than real wood shutters can cost. However, if you insist on acquiring wooden shutters, it’s recommended by most that you get basswood, as it won’t warp nearly as easily as other types of wood, and can stand up to more punishment in general.

Fiberglass house shutters are another great option for shutters when considering getting new ones for your home. They do cost more than wooden shutters, but it’s well worth it for their durability and their lovely aesthetic. You can find most high quality shutters made of fiberglass, due to their lack of maintenance requirements, and their inability to rot. You can track down fiberglass versions of every kind of shutter imaginable, complete with 10 year warranties at least, so you know you’re protected.

When you think of exterior shutters, you might also think of vinyl. Good exterior vinyl shutters work well because of their durability and their ease of maintenance. When you put exterior shutters on your house, you want something that is going to be able to stand up to the elements. Wood is not really a good choice because it warps and cracks leaving the shutters to need constant cleaning and maintaining. With vinyl shutters you not only have something that you can install and forget about, but you also have one of the least expensive materials as well.

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