How To Install Residential Window Films


One of the easiest do-it-yourself projects is the installation of residential window films. You can install (apply) your favorite window film design in five simple steps.

1. Clean the glass surface well. It’s important for the glass to smooth, clean, and free of debris. If needed, use a scraper or blade to remove hard materials, such as paint splatters or tape, that are stuck on the glass.

2. Wash your hands before handling the window film. This will keep dirt and oil from getting between the glass and the film.

3. Wet the glass to make it easier to apply the window film and then remove any air bubbles. Use a spray bottle with a mist setting and fill it with water and add one drop of dish soap.

4. Remove the backing from the window film and position the film on the glass surface. Try to keep the cling side of the film from touching anything else to avoid picking up dust or lint. Once the film is in place, you can use the side of your hand to remove any large air bubbles. By the way, we are talking about a protective backing here, not an adhesive backing.

5. Wet the front side of the film and use a squeegee or other smoothing tool to remove all air bubbles. This is easier when you wet the front of the film with a slightly soapy solution before squeegeeing. And, if an edge wants to roll up instead of staying flat, you can use a hair dryer on the low heat setting to warm the film a bit until it becomes pliable. Then, turn off the hair dryer and hold the film in place for 60 to 90 seconds while it cools to room temperature. Problem solved!

Residential window films give you a decorative, custom look at an affordable price. You’ll see a wide variety of residential window films when you click the link.