Curtain Styles For Bedrooms


By Sarah K. Howarth

The curtains are very important for the decoration and perfect look of a room. The curtains serve many purposes such as blocking the sunlight, and ensuring privacy. People often use lined bedroom curtains to ensure insulation, and soundproofing in your bedroom.

The curtains are available in different colors, designs and styles; therefore, you must select the curtain according to the style of your bedroom. The color should be such that it should compliment the whole decor of the room, and must merge in with the whole theme of the decoration. There are some common types of bedroom curtains, which include linen curtains, box pleated curtains, swag, and jabot style curtains, and layered curtains, sheer, or transparent curtains. The following is the description of these styles.

Linen Curtains

The linen curtains with blue, and maroon hue are used to enhance the grace, and glow of the room. Bold-colored linen curtains are widely used in modern themed bedrooms. It is up to you if you want to have curtains of muted or dark colors like purple, black, gray, or dark brown. Linen curtains are very popular, as they are available in a wide variety of styles, and colors, and they are very inexpensive. You must make sure that the curtains are durable and can be cleaned easily.

Box pleated curtains

People frequently use box pleated curtains in their bedrooms as they look neat and give your bedroom a customized look. Although these curtains are more expensive than plain curtains, but they definitely add an elegant look to your bedroom design.

Sheer or Transparent Curtains

People often use sheer or transparent curtains in the bedroom to give it a romantic look, as it illuminates colored light in the bedroom. They are plain as well as textured. They are also available in a variety of curtain cloths. To add more creativity to the curtains you can embellish them with the flowers, and intricate embroidery clothes. Use different ideas to add excitement to your room. The biggest advantage of the sheer curtains is that they allow sunlight in the room. However, one draw back is that they do not give any privacy, although, you can add drapes to cover the security aspect.

Swag and jabot style curtains

The swag and jabot style curtains are very good at adding a welcoming look to the room. They are useful for every room. You have the options of single, double, or triple swags when it comes to this type of curtains. They are usually made up of heavy fabric; therefore, they tend to be a little expensive.

Layered curtains

Layered curtains are available in different styles and light colors. Layered curtains are prepared with heavy fabrics and give your bedroom a nice look. Match the color of the curtains with the rest of furnishing, and it would give your bedroom a fantastic look.

The color of the curtains should match with the adjacent walls; however, you should not use dark color on the adjacent light colored wall. The material of the curtains should be chosen according to your upholstery or furniture. Cotton and silk curtains are traditionally being used by everyone; however, now you also have option of polyester and synthetic curtains. For a pleasant look of your bedroom, the options are self-painted, weaved and colored pattern curtains.

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