Which Window Treatment Is Right For You?

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What Window Treatment is the Best?

By Christine Anderson

Before you begin selecting a particular window treatment for your windows, you will want to start focusing on the windows dimensions, such as your standard rectangular window, which are easy to cover unlike others that may be more of a challenge because of their shape.

The size of the window will influence the type of treatment you go for. Standard windows are not only easier to dress; they’re less expensive to dress because you can buy ready-made curtains and magic blinds in a variety of colors and patterns that will fit your standard window.

Oddly shaped windows while proving a challenge, benefit from the use of simple window treatments like simple shades or blinds. Another factor to consider with window treatments is to make sure that the window treatment doesn’t impede the opening of the window.

You can treat large-sized picture windows in a number of ways. If the window has a nice and pleasant view, you can opt to leaving the curtain or blind open all day and then choose to close them for your privacy at night.

A valance at the top of your curtain with the same material or with contrasting material can give you a different look all together. It really depends on the decor of the room, you can choose to have the valance swept over the curtains or blinds or you can have more of a formal look with the valance sitting at the top of the curtains or blinds.

The next thing you may want to consider is the colors you will use and try to get your window treatment in materials that match this scheme or something that will provide you will an appealing contrast for the room.

Using all of the ideas is simple and you should have minimal issues when getting window treatments that will add excitement to your windows but also will add some fun to your room.

Christine Anderson is a freelance writer who enjoys writing on a variety of home decorating topics including window treatments. To read her latest blog visit http://www.magicblinds.org to find the best deals and information on Magic Blinds and Thai Magic Blinds.

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