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Sliding Glass Door Window Treatments – Video


This short video reveals an expert’s ideas for sliding glass door window treatments. She uses grommet drapes and mounts them in an interesting way to enhance the overall look and feel of the sliding glass door window treatments.

This video is part of the HGTV “Window Treatments” show hosted by Kahi Lee.
Here is a link… HGTV’s Window Treatments

Choosing Your Patio Door Window Treatments |

Patio Door Window Treatments are a challenge in some cases. For instance patio doors with a wide opening may be hard to fit with curtains or drapes so you have to resort to another form of window coverings. There are also things that should be considered before using window coverings such as the amount of traffic the doorway receives, materials of the coverings, style such as modern or contemporary and whether you should use your patio door window treatments on the interior or exterior of your home. Cost is sometimes an issue to homeowners as well so you will want the best product you can find that is within your budget.

One idea for patio door window treatments is an interior vertical blind sliding panel. They are very versatile and contemporary in style and are usually sold in multi-panel systems with the track and all the hardware needed for installation. These window coverings are available in a large variety of materials such as fabric, wood, vinyl and solar screens. They each have their own degree of privacy and can be matched to other forms of shades such as solar shades, roman shades and roller shades.

Another smart idea is to use deflective glass privacy film. This is the same type of film that many car windows are fitted with. It can be purchased at many auto supply retailers and some home and building supply retailers. The film is relatively inexpensive to buy and can be installed with water and a wide squeegee. Once the film is in place, it deflects the sun from your home keeping it cool in the summer. This is not recommended for all homes though. Many of us live in cold regions and want sunlight during the winter to help heat our homes and cut down on utility bills. One way of doing this is to have electric curtains installed.

Electric curtains and blinds operate on the same idea of overhead doors. They are attached to an electric motor which controls the opening and closing of the curtains, drapes or blinds. These can serve as a replacement for your conventional drawstring curtains, drapes and blinds. They will go with any style of interior decorations and provide you with one of the most modern forms of patio door window treatments available. These are not available at all retailers so you should check with local retailers to see what is available in your area. If you are unable to find them locally, consider buying online at a large number of retailers.

Whether you are looking for replacement window coverings or exterior shutters, you can rest assured that your patio door window treatments will complete your home’s décor. There is a large number of window treatments to choose from. You should take each style and design into consideration before making your choice. Each style and design can provide you with the coverings you want and if you shop around and compare prices you will get the best value for your budget.