Video – Just For Fun

These Videos Are Not About Curtains and Window Treatments


We have other videos that are directly related to curtains and window treatments, but these videos have nothing to do with our topics. However, we found them to be interesting and wanted to share them with you.

Both videos are about sand painting or sand art. It seems to be done over a light box and projected on to a large screen. It looks so simple, but it must take lots of practice to spread the right amount of sand and then move it around with the fingers and the edge of the hand.

We are amazed to see how quickly one thing transforms into something else and the amount of detail in some of the depictions.

Amusing Little Video About Window Blinds

The window coverings seen in this video are a popular type of window blinds, or shutters as many people call them.

I thought it was rather clever to take simple images of window blinds (or shutters) and make them into a music video. I enjoyed it and hope that our visitors like it as well. However, in my humble opinion, it’s the sort of thing that can be overdone, so I’m glad the video was short rather than going on and on.

I don’t know the name of the person that did this video, but here’s what they said about it: “I just got bored one day and started taking pictures of of the window blinds open and closed, then put it to some good music and posted it on YouTube. Enjoy!”