Make Your Own Valence Curtains


This is so easy! All you need to make your own valence curtains are styrafoam board from your local home store, a glue gun, some fabric and fringe or ribbon (or some other decorative item) for the bottom. The cost is next to nothing to make and it looks really nice. To install them, just put some large nails in your wall and stick the styrafoam board through the nails and your valence curtains are in place!

We would like to give credit to the person responsible for this video about valence curtains, but all we know is that her first name is Christine. So, thank you, Christine for posting this great idea on YouTube and sharing it with the rest of us.

Makeover the Glass in Your Home with Window Film

Designing Spaces TV featuring Wallpaper For Windows™

The Wallpaper for Windows™ brand of decorative window film is featured on this Designing Spaces TV segment. Renee Combs demonstrates the beauty and easy installation of this stylish and functional window treatment that can be used on any glass surface (windows, glass doors, glass shower enclosures, transom windows).

This video shows how it can add privacy and/or enhance the decor of you home or office. This vinyl cling window film is adhesive-free, so it goes on and stays in place with no mess and no fuss. It can easily be removed if you want to change designs.

Click here to see pictures of window film (lots of great designs and styles).

For more information, go to Wallpaper for Windows™ decorative window film.


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