Ascot Valance

What Exactly Is a Window Valance?


A window valance is a popular type of window treatment that covers the top part of the window. A valence can be used by itself or it can be paired with window coverings, such as blinds or curtains.

In addition to being decorative, valances can also serve a functional purpose. They are often used to conceal the mounting hardware of window coverings. A valance is a common design feature of the Victorian style of home décor, as well as some other styles of décor.

Five Main Types of Valances for Windows

The fabric ‘balloons’ out which gives it a full and puffy appearance. A balloon valance is commonly made of lightweight material such as cotton.

The fabric hangs across brackets and is draped over the top of a window, with a tail hanging down on each side. Almost any type of fabric can be used.

This is another type of swag valance. The look is the same, but a lightweight or sheer fabric is used for this variation.

The fabric forms triangular shapes that hang over curtains or drapes. This type usually features more elaborate materials, such as silk or velvet and they are often adorned with tassels or fringe.


For this type of window valance, the fabric is draped across the top of the window with the length of the fabric forming a curve that has the shortest width at the center.