Roman Shades

Spruce Up Your Home With Roman Blinds


By Ian MckIntosh
Webmaster’s Note: Roman blinds are also known as Roman shades.

The simple mechanism and colorful designs makes them perfect for every home looking to cover windows in the most efficient and creative way. It also saves you up some space and lets you control the light that enters your room.

Roman blinds use a flat fabric panel connected vertically to a pleat into horizontal folds through a cord. You can adjust the amount of light entering the room by controlling these pleats, through the cord. If you pull the blinds completely upwards, it will lighten the room completely or if you let the pleats cover the window completely, it would block all light. By adjusting the angle of the pleats, you can control the lighting of the room.

It is a cheaper and more efficient option to put drapes, which are perfect for bedrooms, living room, study room, bathrooms, or in short, for the entire house.

You can truly stylize your windows with Roman blinds. They are available in a wide range of colors and designs. Their most remarkable feature is that, you can add your personal touches to them, by choosing the material it’s made of, the fabric design on the pleats. Choose bamboo to give the room an earthy and modest appearance. Choose a bright and multi-hued design to add colorful vibes to the room. Matter of fact, you can choose from several fabrics that suits your design scheme the best such as leather, calico, linen, faux suede. For a little more money, you can get fabrics woven to cover the blinds.

You can show your creative streak in every aspect of the blinds and make it a pivotal facet of your home decor.

Roman blinds make a popular choice to cover the window, not only because they easy to maintain, clean and available in an assortment of designs, but because they leave some room to further beautify your window. You can also add a drape in front of the blinds. You can truly experiment when it comes to Roman blinds. You can customize it as per your home’s requirements and furnishing needs. There are several Roman blind kits which help you achieve it, with ease. It contains details about the fixtures and mechanisms. There are several self-help books you can go for too.

The advantages of blinds are many. Apart from shielding your home from the sun rays, they also save electricity spent on heating and cooling your home. By protecting you against UV rays, they safeguard you against cancer.

If you don’t want to go through the hassles of creating the right one for you, there are plenty of blinds of every material and countless designs and fabrics available. So analyze what your bedroom’s window needs. You can decide what looks best in your bathroom. Think about what your living room’s window needs. Wear the interior designer’s shoes and work on your home’s interiors, with ease, choosing your own material, design and fabrics. For the many benefits they offer, Roman blinds may be just what your home needs to make it perfect and resourceful.

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