Roller Shades Are An Affordable Window Treatment


For window treatments that won’t break your budget, roller shades are a cost-effective choice. No matter what shape the economy is in, people usually want to get the most bang for the dollars spent. So, total cost is often a important thing to consider. Due to the fact that roller shades offer both style and function the actual cost-effective advantages can be like an added benefit.

Whatever style of home decor you have, you can find roller shades to match or complement your other furnishings since roller shades come in a wide variety of textures and colors.

By the way, you might be wondering if the roller shades we’re talking about are related to the old type of shade that was basically a long sheet of vinyl on a spring-wound tube that would snap up and wind around itself when you pulled on the bottom and then released it. Yes, we are talking about the modern versions of that type of window blind.

The two main types of roller shades are the traditional type and the flat fold varieties. The flat fold shades are called that because they fold up in a graceful pattern of folds and lie flat when they are fully extended.

In addition to the wide variety of textures and colors that roller shades come in, there are different features that can give your shades a custom look. These features include such things as hem styles, accents, trims, and several styles of shade pulls to pick from.

With roller shades having so many options, you’ll be able to get just the right look for almost any window in your home or office.

Another nice thing about roller shades that appeals to many people, especially the do-it-yourself folks, is that they are fairly easy to install.

When it comes to roller shades, buyers really should pay close attention to the actual rollers. Steel rollers provide you with the most strength and durability. Rollers made of steel are more advantageous than wooden rollers.The roller should have the ability to handle everyday abuse as well as long term wear and tear while functioning properly. With rollers made of steel, you can be assured that your roller shades will hold up well for many years to come.

Stylish. Affordable. Functional. Durable. Today’s roller shades certainly do have a lot going for them!

Cellular Shades Or Honeycomb Shades – What’s the Difference?

By Michael Callicotte

You may have been online shopping for window shades recently and come across the nomenclature, cellular shades and honeycomb shades. The thought might have crossed your mind that these are two totally separate identities. Wrong. They are actually the same exact type of shade. Here is some helpful information to clear up any confusion you may have about cellular and honeycomb shades and better inform you how the two are really one.

The question is: why categorize window shades with terms like cellular and honeycomb? Some window treatment manufacturers and retailers use cellular, which reminds you of your failing grade in high school biology class while others use honeycomb, which evokes internal guilt for the two bowls of sugary cereal you ate this morning. Although it seems odd that terms like cellular and honeycomb are used to describe the same type of window shade when both seem completely irrelevant, it makes perfect sense.

The answer is: cellular shades or honeycomb shades both inherited their names from the design pattern of the window shade itself. Small individual cells of fabric or material are attached to one another using some form of adhesive to create the entire shade. If the shade is viewed from the side, the pattern of cells closely resembles a honeycomb. With that being said, both terms are equally appropriate for describing this type of window shade and it is merely a matter of preference.

Once you look past the unusual dual names you will realize just how much cellular/honeycomb shades can improve the quality of your home. Cellular/honeycomb window shades offer great advantages in home insulation and light control. The individual cells create pockets of air which control the climate of the room and increase energy efficiency. In both extremes of weather, whether it is blistering hot or miserably cold, cellular/honeycomb shades will effectively insulate your home. While making the room a comfortable atmosphere to live in, cellular/honeycomb shades will also reduce the need for central heating and air conditioning.

Depending on how much light control and insulation you need, there are several styles of cell construction: single cell, double cell, or triple cell. The level of insulation and light control strength increases substantially from single cell to double cell and from double cell to triple cell. Cellular/honeycomb shades also come with the option of adding either light filtering or room darkening fabrics to match the ambience of the room and get the privacy you need. Not only are their options in light control but there are also many different pleat sizes and a large selection of colors from all the top brands.

This style of window shade is capable of being used in many different rooms throughout the home. For better insulation, cellular/ honeycomb shades are a savvy alternative to wood blinds and will ultimately be a better investment in your home. Overall, cellular shades or honeycomb shades, which ever you prefer, provide the insulation, light, control, and privacy that your home requires.

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