Swag Curtains


Many people really like the way that swag curtains enhance the overall look of a window and yet are a bit confused about how to get the desired look. So, here are a few ideas about swag curtains.

We should mention that there are also swag valences and the main difference is that a valence is at the top, or even slightly above, the window area.

Draping, or looping, a length of fabric over curtain rods or horizontal poles is the most common way to create swag curtains.

Here is an easy 4-step process to create great-looking swag curtains that have one loop. For an even more spectacular swag with more loops, simply use a longer piece of fabric.

1. Mount the brackets and install a decorative curtain rod. It is best to mount the brackets on the outside edge of the window trimming and have the rod positioned just above the window trimming. The completed window treatment will drape down along the trim on the side and across the trim on the top.

2. Using a long piece of string, thread it up and in back of the curtain rod’s left side. Drape the string over the rod and let it swag to the right side of the rod. Thread the piece of string down and behind the curtain rod. Now, adjust the string on each side of the window as well as the swag in the center. When you like the overall length and the center swag, cut off the excess string. Measure the piece of string that you adjusted and that will tell you how long the fabric should be. It is suggested that the swag curtains be made from fabric that is 54 inches wide.

3. Fold one half-inch of fabric on one of the short ends to the wrong side of the fabric and press that fold. Fold the end a half-inch one more time. Press and pin the hem and sew a top stitch as close to the folded edge as possible. Do the same thing for the other short end as well as the two long sides of the fabric.

4. Hold the middle part of the length of fabric in your hand and center it over the window. Drape the fabric over the rod much the same way you did with the piece of string while keeping the right side of the fabric facing forward. Arrange the fabric along the sides of the window as well as the center swag to get just the right look.

WOW… You now have swag curtains!

You might be pleased to know that there is another way that is even easier and more affordable.

Start by screwing cup hooks in, or near, the top outside corners of the window trimming. Tie a ribbon around the fabric at the two corner swag points and hook the ribbon over the cup hooks. Adjust the fabric to get the desired look. Also, you can attach artificial flowers or other types of decoration over the ribbons if you want to add another decorative touch to your swag curtains.

By the way, floor length curtains are often used in a room where a formal look is desired while shorter lengths tend to be used more in casual and relaxed settings.

The Reasons Window Blinds Can Be Better Than Curtains

By Joe Merlin

Blinds are a good option to curtains in the home and Emerald City Blinds, a supplier of Bellevue Washington Blinds has some information available to help you make an informed decision.

Largely, blinds are widely used today because they aesthetic appeal and suit the present day home. They’re good for delivering insulation for both cold and warm weather and also supplying high levels of privacy.

Originally, window blinds were visible in the office as they were easy to keep up, unlike curtains which must be cleaned as blinds has the ability to be dusted and wiped clean. Blinds were also picked over curtains because they may be easy to install and do take up much space. Yet recently blinds are becoming popular in the home too. There are now more designs available and with more choice and clear benefits it is possible to understand why.

With respect to the design in the window blinds you have chosen, blinds usually are very compact. A roller blind will roll up neatly into a roll of material at the top of the window. With curtains the material is usually taking up space, whether they may be drawn or rolled up at the sides of the window. For those that have large homes this is probably not an issue and so the curtains may well be a feature with the room but with smaller property owners this can be a factor that needs to be considered.

Another significant benefit of window blinds is that amount of control people have over them. With blinds you are able to control the quantity of light and privacy you want with a really easy action. Vertical blinds for instance might possibly be adjusted and the slats moved for minimal light to pass through as well as offer the home privacy. These blinds can also be lifted up so the whole window is exposed to the light and this is much more convenient than curtains tend to be.

Window blinds add style to homes as there is a great deal of choice, with the design through to the material you actually want blinds made in. They add a modern, neat look to homes and a lot color schemes. Your are sure to be able to find blinds that enhance them and styles that suit certain window shapes.

When evaluating window blinds for your own home its good to have in mind how much choice you have and that different blind styles will suit different rooms or windows. Ultimately blinds are economical, easily maintained and definitely will fit in well to any modern home.

Emerald City Blinds is a locally owned and operated and specializes in custom and stock shutter, shades and blinds.

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