Vertical Blinds

Vertical Blinds are Replacing Curtains and Drapes


Some of our decorating friends have noticed that vertical blinds are replacing traditional curtains and drapes as the window treatment of choice in many homes.

Most types of vertical blinds are becoming more and more popular due to their easy maintenance and the simple, yet elegant look they provide. One of the great things about vertical window blinds is that they can fit right in with any style of home decor.

Most types of vertical blinds only need an occasional dusting or a quick wipe to keep them looking good. That’s not the case for fabric curtains and drapes, which usually need regular washing or a special cleaning method. The worst part is that this means removing the curtains or drapes from the mounting hardware and then re-hanging them after they are cleaned. All that can be quite a chore!

The first thing many people think of when they hear the phrase ‘vertical blinds’ is something resembling a Venetian blind with wide slats that hang down instead of being horizontal.

However, the variety of styles available today goes way beyond the original type of vertical blinds. Many of the contemporary styles are ideal not only for larger windows, but for glass doors and sliding doors as well.

Here are some pictures showing vertical blinds and shades, as well as panel tracks, which is another popular type of window treatment that fits this category.

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Smith+Noble Natural Woven Panel Track

Roller Panel Track – These premium materials from smith+noble softly filter natural light, while creating a beautiful and easy-to-operate vertical covering for sliding doors or large windows. Roller Shade Panel Track is available in custom sizes from 36″ to 144″ high, and 48″ to 144″ wide.

Smith+Noble Natural Woven Panel Track

Natural Woven Panel Track – The all-new Panel Track from smith+noble is the perfect solution for any sliding door or extra-large window, and it’s available in their most popular, eco-friendly natural woven materials. Natural Woven Panel Track is available in custom sizes from 36″ to 96″ high, and 48″ to 144″ wide. They will even include solid twill Edge Binding in your choice of 8 colors, at no extra charge!

Smith+Noble Vertical Shades

Vertical Illusions Shadings – These window treatments are a beautiful solution for extra-large windows and patio doors; with these types of window coverings, you can match fabrics in Horizontal Shadings for perfect coordination across every opening in a room. This one window treatment offers the light diffusion of sheer window shades, the light control of vertical blinds, and the formality of drapery, making them a uniquely complete stand-alone choice. These window coverings are available in custom sizes from 24″ to 144″ high, 12″ to 192″ wide.

Smith+Noble Vertical Blinds

Vertical Blinds – Patio doors and large windows present unique challenges: you want a treatment that gives you exceptional light control and privacy, is easy to install, clean and maintain, and above all adds beauty and style to your total décor – all at an attractive price, of course. Vertical Blinds from smith+noble are your answer: They offer privacy when closed, and can be rotated to any angle for just the right amount of light. When open, they stack neatly to the side. Choose from 105 versatile colors and textures. Made in 6 days!

Smith+Noble Vertical Cellular Shades

Vertical Cellular Shades – These are the shades you’ll want year ’round in your patio doors and largest windows. The honeycomb cellular construction traps air to create insulating pockets that keep outdoor heat at bay during warm weather, allowing you to turn down the AC. You’ll appreciate these handsome energy savers in winter as well, when they’ll hold the heat inside your rooms. Choose from 6 of the most popular neutral colors in either Light Filtering or Blackout. Made in 5 days!

Vertical Blinds – How To Tell If They Are Right For You

By Jerikat Jennison

If you are considering changing the window dressings in a room, you should consider vertical blinds. These are inexpensive, versatile and easy to care for. However, they are not right for everyone or every room. Here is some advice on how to tell whether they are right for you. If you decide that you do want to purchase them for your room you will also need tops on how to measure properly to make sure that you get the right size for your windows.

Vertical blinds have become increasingly popular with people who want a simple way to cover large windows and sliding doors. Unlike a curtain or drapery treatment they are easy to install. They are made up of panels of material or plastic that hangs vertically from a track at the top. The panels can be rotated open or shut depending on how much light you want in the room. In the case of a door, they can be slid to one side so that the opening is completely unobstructed.

You can purchase pre-made blinds that are available in many different sizes. You need to look at the width as well as the height on the box of any pre-made blind. This can tell you whether it is the right size for your window or door. You can find different colors and textures however if you want a specific color or style you may not always be able to find it. If you have a very specific look in mind, you should consider having your blinds custom made. This can be more expensive but it may be worth it if you want to be totally satisfied.

You may find that another kind of window covering is best if you want to keep light out of a room. This is because the multiple slats of a vertical blind will allow light to get in around the edges. You may like them better in a room where privacy is more of a need than light blocking is. One of the reasons that they are great for patio doors or other doorways is that they can be pulled all the way open and this lets you get through the door without having to move a curtain aside.

Measuring for your vertical blinds is quite simple. You will need to know how wide and how tall the opening you are covering is. You may need to order a blind that is slightly too wide if you are trying to purchase pre-made blinds and your window is not a standard size. Keep in mind that if you have baseboard heaters you need to keep your blinds from touching the heater. This can be a fire hazard as the window blinds can melt and catch on fire.

When you shop for vertical blinds you may find that there are a number of standard sized window blinds in stores. They come in a range of colors although if you have an oddly sized window you may find that it takes more searching to find the size that you need. You can expect that custom made blinds will obviously cost more than mass produced blinds will. If you are not sure whether you like the way the window blinds look you may want to make sure that you can return them, especially if you have purchased several different sizes or colors. You can also find blinds online. There may be some really excellent deals especially if you are purchasing standard sized blinds.

Caring for your window blinds is simple. Depending on what they are made out of they can be wiped down or dusted off very easily. Unlike cloth window coverings they cannot be washed in a washing machine but many people still like how easy they are to care for.

If you love the look of vertical blinds you will be happy to know that shopping for them is easy. They are popular and that makes finding stores and websites that carry them easy. Installing them is also simple and you will be very happy with the way they make any large window or door look.

If you want to find out more about vertical blinds, then visit Jerrikat Jennison’s site for beautiful and high quality window blinds for your needs.

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