Beyond Mini Blinds


By Chris Stanley

Many consumers are under the mistaken impression that the possibilities when it comes to window coverings is a bit limited. They immediately think of one, maybe two products and think those are the only options they have to work with. These consumers haven’t looked around to see what’s offered on the market in a while. Mini blinds are a classic and still popular option, but they are nowhere near the only option. There are a lot of additional options that are available on the market that may suit the needs of shoppers just as well or better.

Mini blinds are still a good first option. They do everything that the basic window covering is supposed to do. They provide privacy and the offer light control. They are also affordable and easily procured. They don\’t usually require any wait times. But never just go with the first option because it’s first. Look around and make sure it’s the best! There are so many options and features in today’s market. Get an idea of what’s available before you go with what you already know.

A popular option that many are surprised to discover is the cornice style valance. They come with an added flair to traditional products. The cornice style valance adds elegance and class and is available for many horizontal blinds products. The availability depends upon the specific style and the manufacturer, but if it\’s available it often comes at no additional charge. A majority of horizontal blinds products come with a basic, interior mount valance. It leaves visible valance clips that can detract from the general look of the arrangement.

Another feature that should be considered is decorative tape. They are appealing because they cover the visible cords that run through horizontal blinds (although they aren’t available on mini blinds). They also block additional light from leaking through the window covering. Light is typically able to leak through the route holes in the horizontal blinds.

Additional features that many consumers find advantageous include: edge binding, 5 inch valances, cassette headrails, routless ladders, etc. The most popular choices when it comes to additional options/features are those that enhance both aesthetics and function.

Mini blinds are often the first option, and they’re sometimes the best option. But consumers should make sure that they are aware of the difference between being the first option that comes to mind and the best option to suit the needs of their specific situation. Considering all the options before purchasing will ensure that consumers get what they’re looking for.

Chris Stanley is a window treatments expert at Blinds Chalet. Blinds Chalet has more than 25 years of experience in the window coverings industry and strives to educate consumers about purchasing and installing window blinds before they buy. Focusing on high quality, company tested and approved window treatments at affordable prices, Blinds Chalet is a resource for all things window blinds related.