Bay Window Treatments


Selecting the bay window treatments that are the best ones for your home can take a little more thought and consideration than most other types of window coverings. Bay windows can often be a focal point in the room and having the right kind of window treatments for your decorating style makes a big difference in the overall look and feel of the room.

We found a video with more information about bay window treatments. The video seems to be text only; no audio because there was neither background music nor narration no matter how much we adjusted the volume. Just the same, it was good information.

One of our favorite bay window treatments is roll-up or Roman shades on the side windows as well as on the big one in the center of the bay.

Another type of window covering that works well is a top-down bottom-up blind.

A lot of natural light can come streaming in through a bay window and you might want a way to control some of it. Top-down bottom-up blinds let you do that with ease. We have been very pleased with the top-down bottom-up blinds we have in our home. The style, the versatility, the ability to control light… they’re a great all-around window treatment!

Many people like to use sheer panels that allow the light to come in, but make it harder for people passing by to see in. Sheer panels can be used alone or in partnership with other bay window treatments.

We find it helpful to look around before making the final decision.
Some of the best places to get ideas are:
* Home decorating magazines and interior design guides
* TV shows about home decorating and/or interior design
* Many online stores have lots of pictures of various window coverings

Even though bay window treatments might take a bit more thought at first, the time and effort will pay off in a big way when you pick what works best from a practical standpoint as well as the design or color that goes well with the other furnishings in your room.