Bamboo Window Blinds Add Natural Beauty


More and more home decorators are choosing bamboo window blinds as one of their favorite window treatments. There are plenty of good reasons for this… these types of window coverings are attractive, affordable, and easy to care for. Plus, they come in a wide variety of styles and color tints so they go well with almost any home decor.

It gets even better, because bamboo window blinds are environmentally friendly. Bamboo grows rather fast and it is plentiful in certain parts of the world. The new stalks can be harvested after 3 to 5 years. If the stalks are not harvested every so often, the plant will not be able to produce new shoots and the entire plant will die.

The fibers and/or planks of the bamboo plant, which is more of a grass than a tree, are being used for many items found in homes. The ever-growing list includes window treatments, wood flooring, area rugs and floor mats, as well as furniture.

One of the benefits of bamboo window blinds is that they are very sturdy and durable. They can outlast window treatments made from other materials. Window blinds and other items made from bamboo can be treated to make them insect-proof as well as resistant to moisture.

Many types of bamboo window blinds roll up or down as the way to have them in an open or closed position, while other types are like Roman shades, in that they fold rather than roll.

Bamboo window blinds are easy to care for. Most of the time, occasional dusting with a dust cloth or feather duster is all that’s needed. If needed, debris can be removed by wiping with a soft, clean cloth or with the brush attachment on a vacuum.

Deep cleaning can be done by folding or rolling up the blinds and taking the blind off the mounting brackets. Then, place the entire blind in a tub of water with a half-ounce, or slightly more, of vegetable oil soap (safe for wood products) and gently swish it around. Drain the water and rinse the blind completely with a spray attachment or in the shower. Hang the blind where it can dry. It’s best to do this in a warm, sunny spot. Let it dry and put it back on the brackets.

Attractive. Affordable. Durable. Natural. On top of all that, bamboo window blinds are available in a wide variety of color tints. No wonder they’re becoming more popular than ever!