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This will introduce you to AnnaRae Mills, the main person behind this site/blog. She writes much of the content herself and selects beneficial content from other sources that’s a “good fit” for the categories here.

AnnaRae, whose first name combines the middle names from each of her grandmothers, was raised in the city, but spent the summers on her grandfather’s cattle ranch.

In her teens, AnnaRae participated in rug-making at a festival celebrating the American pioneers. It was a reenactment of pioneer life and how they did whatever needed to be done. She felt right at home. During a couple of subsequent years, AnnaRae dressed up in pioneer garb and showed others how to make braided rugs at that same festival.

That was the start of her interest for various things related to home decorating, which now includes window treatments, rustic decor, and western style home furnishings, in addition to rugs.

AnnaRae worked many years in the banking industry as a customer service manager.

Nowadays, her time is filled with activities related to her fondness for all types of home décor and sharing her expertise with others.

It has become more than a hobby; it is her passion.

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AnnaRae’s good friend, Gordon Bellows, is the co-host on this site and he takes care of most of the technical aspects of building and maintaining this site.

He also helps out with selecting and/or preparing content for the site.