5 Tips For Better Window Treatments


By Adam Peters

Choosing treatments for your windows is a challenging task. There are wide varieties of options available that make selection not an easy task. Thus, you have to be very careful as to what suits you best. You update an existing window treatment or you remodel it completely, the below tips would aid in selecting a perfect window treatment.

Assessing the style of your window is the initial task. Analyze about the window treatments which you are interested to use and also details pertaining to the architecture of the window. Your window treatment should complement the architecture of the windows.

Many people make the mistake of remodeling their windows in such a manner that it clashes with the theme and presents an incongruous picture. Avoid this at any cost.

Identify the basic function of the room. If you are looking for window treatments for your window then, these should be able to stand moisture and also easy to wash. If the is for dining room, you might need a more simple or formal window treatment.

Size of the window is an important factor to be considered. If the window size is small then, a rod can be installed either below the line of ceiling or just above the trim. Extra panels that are long hang from them. This gives the image of the window being tall. For a large window, tone the scale of the window down by making it look simple. For tall windows, don’t use panels that are long. Break these lengthwise by adding a swag or valence different from the remaining part of the design.

Plan your budget well in advance. The amount of money you spend depends if you want customized window treatments or already made ones or you want to make one for yourself. The most inexpensive of all these would be to make these by yourself, but this task needs patience and skills. Ready-made ones come in different sizes and range of prices. The most costly of this would the customized window treatments.

Plan on maintenance cost for your window treatments. Cleaning window treatments professionally and reinstalling them would cost you much. Customized window treatments would need to spend a little money on a regular basis.

Enjoy the task of decorating your windows. It need not be a overwhelming or a scary activity. Following the above tips should keep you on your way of selecting a correct window treatment.

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