4 Creative Curtain and Drape Techniques


By Ryan Frank

A good way to make a house feel like a home is to decorate it like it is your own. Integrating color schemes and themes can make you feel more attached to your house than leaving up old fixtures from the previous owner, such as blinds and drapes.

Once you have already purchased your furniture or decided on your color scheme, you can get started on your window coverings. This can usually be the last step because curtains and drapes are easier to find or make to match your furniture than vice versa. Here are a few creative curtain and drape ideas for your home.

1) Beads are always a creative option for your windows.
If you choose a neutral or solid color for the window curtains you can layer it with tied hanging beads to add pizazz. Simply tie them together loosely about mid-way down the window. Now you can open or close the curtains for sunlight exposure, while leaving the beads in place for decoration.

2) If you’ve already decided on standard blinds, do not be discouraged!
Your windows can still look great. This gives you the opportunity to really focus on the hardware of your drapes. There are tons of beautiful platinum and brass finials, holdbacks, and curtain rods. By choosing beautiful hardware fixtures and a simple neutral or gossamer-like fabric, your blinds are no longer bland.

3) Two or four piece translucent blinds can be beneficial for a larger window or many windowpanes along a wall.
Using one basic color for the top and sides, and finding elaborate tiebacks can make a large windowed-room beautiful and cozy.

4) One thing that people often overlook is the effect of a full width covering at the top of a window.
The side drapes are important, but the top covering really brings your design together, so this can be even more important. Whether you choose a hanging design, or a modern block style of covering, make sure it matches the rest of the room and the side curtains as it is the link that brings the room together.

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